Game Index

Game Index

All Hallow's Eve All Hallow's Eve
Shoot the onslaught of walking dead!
Black Jack Black Jack
Beat the dealer in a game of 21.
Blob Blob
Two player flash game!
Breakout Breakout
Destroy all the bricks.
Chasm Chasm
Fix the water supply.
Crossword Crossword
Solve crossword puzzles.
The Dead Case The Dead Case
Now as a ghost you must solve your own death.
Defend Your Castle Defend Your Castle
Protect your castle from the attackers.
Doom Triple Pack Doom Triple Pack
Play the classic shooters Doom, Heretic, or Hexen!
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt
Shoot the ducks.
Eskiv Eskiv
Dodge the moving objects while getting the little square.
Flash Sprint Flash Sprint
Race around the track in the shortest time possible.
Flashteroids Flashteroids
An Asteroids clone made using flash!
FlashTrek:  Assault FlashTrek: Assault
Defend your space station from the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, and Borg.
Free Kick Free Kick
Kick the pie into the goal.
Froggy Froggy
Guide your frog safely across the highway.
Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
Guide Santa in delivering all of his christmas presents.
Herd the Animals Herd the Animals
Maneuver the farm animals into their appropriate pens.
Hexxagon Hexxagon
Take over the board by leaping into the spaces adjacent to your opponent's watery globules.
Longbow Longbow
Shoot your approaching enemies.
Lunatic Lunatic
Evade the greens dots while hitting the red ones.
Mario Poker Mario Poker
Mario Bros. themed poker game.
Mars Patrol Mars Patrol
Find and destroy the source of a mechanical nano virus.
Mars Rover Mars Rover
Shoot the incoming smiley bombs.
Memory Game Memory Game
Test your memory by matching the pairs of pictures.
Mini-Putt Mini-Putt
Play a game of miniature golf!
Mr. Driller Mr. Driller
Drill away the blocks.
Orca Slap Orca Slap
Smack the pinguins into the target.
Pacman Pacman
Eat all the dots in the classic game.
Pang Pang-2001
Shoot the bubbles.
Pencak Silat Pencak Silat
Martial arts fighting game.
PinguThrow PinguThrow
Hit the pinguins as far as you can.
Plasmanaut on Fire Plasmanaut on Fire
A space shooter.
Popular Elements Popular Elements
Match the basic elements with their symbols.
Run Bolt Run Run Bolt Run
Side scrolling fighting game.
Samurai's Blood Samurai's Blood Stage1
Side scrolling fighting game.
Samurai's Blood Samurai's Blood Stage2
Part two of this side scrolling fighting game.
Satama Satama
Help Santa collect the candy and reindeer.
Scooby Doo Snack Machine Scooby Doo Snack Machine
Guide the snacks back to Scooby.
Slashing Pumpkins Slashing Pumpkins
Slice the rolling pumpkins.
Sokoban Sokoban
Move all the spheres onto the teal colored spaces in this puzzle game.
Solitaire Solitaire
Stack the cards in the correct order.
Space Invaders Space Invaders
Enjoy this classic shooting game!
StarCorps StarCorps
Shoot and destroy the enemy space ships before they penetrate Earth's defenses.
Star Runner Star Runner
Collect all of the red stars while avoiding the blue bad guys.
Tetris Tetris (1)
Fit the falling blocks together to remove rows.
Tetris Tetris (2)
Another tetris game!
UFO Rescue UFO Rescue
Save the cute purple aliens!
Sonic Ultimate Sonic
Guide Sonic the Hedgehog, or one of his 3 friends, through a variety of levels!
Where is the Ball? Where Is The Ball?
Guess which cup the ball is under.

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